Equipping professionals with wellness tools to reduce stress and thrive at work and home

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Stress, anxiety, and self-doubt create a mental fog that blocks our creativity and innovation.

Without emotional wellness tools to handle the ups and downs of life we are more prone to unhappiness, lack of motivation, and loss of time.

Aditi teaches emotional and cognitive tools to create greater mental and physical wellness. Sharing practical tools and leadership skills to help professionals thrive. 

Her mission is to reduce emotional suffering in the world by sharing wellness tools we were never taught in school.


She believes self-compassion is the key to transforming stress and self-doubt and creating more joy. Her talks are powerful, engaging, and designed to inspire action.


Meet Aditi

Overcome stress & self-doubt and take your next step with confidence!

Aditi is a speaker, coach, and trainer, equipping working professionals with tools to prevent burnout and create the personal success and happiness they desire. She speaks on the topics of building confidence, overcoming burnout, and taking brave action.

After years of battling her own depression, burnout, and a half-paralyzed face due to stress, Aditi found herself in the wellness world and became a Certified Life and Health Coach! It is her personal mission to equip others with the wellness tools that were never taught in school.

In her training and practice, she learned the emotional mastery and cognitive tools to break through her own barriers and take bold moves while helping her clients do the same. She quit her corporate career to start her own business, lived as a digital nomad for 3 years traveling to states from NJ to California, and released 60 pounds of weight along the healing adventure.


She has worked at a top tier international consulting corporation as a Global Communications Consultant for 6 years, graduated from a top Integrated Marketing Masters program at Northwestern University, is a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School, and a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She has been published in Forbes, Thrive, Addicted2Success, and the Northwestern University Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications.

She loves to travel, speak, and teach around the world with online and in-person events.

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Talk Topics

Breaking Barriers:

How To Overcome Self-Doubt And Lead With Confidence

Self-doubt can be debilitating, paralyzing, and lead to quitting a project before even starting it! What if you could turn your hesitations into certainty? What if you could flip that doubt into action? The goal of this talk is to inspire professionals to see beyond the barriers they’ve come to know that block them and step into the land of possibility. Aditi teaches the key steps to flip self-doubt into courage so you can take that next step with confidence.


Unlocking Stress:

The Keys To Change Your Relationship With Stress And Thrive

Most of our waking moments are spent stressing about something at home or at work. In the hustle culture we live in, it is easy for stress to take the driver seat, preventing us from truly being present. The key to having more of the time, freedom, and happiness we seek is changing our fundamental relationship with stress. This heartfelt keynote offers professionals a guide for recognizing hidden stressors that are impacting their daily lives, key steps to breakthrough tension, and the confidence to create a personalized stress care routine.


Brave Action:

How To Take Intuitive Leaps To Catapult Your Results

Taking the road less traveled can be difficult without a roadmap to guide you. Learning how to take risks in the unknown is a skill that will take you further than most will go. Sometimes you have to take a leap to see what’s on the other side. In this talk, learn the steps to manage fear and take brave action that leads to big results.




Aditi taught a confidence class for my company, iShop. Her presentation was flawless and the insight and clarity she delivered was mind-blowing. I highly recommend!


Mercedes Eckert

President & Founder, iSHOP


Aditi’s leadership training for my staff brought the group closer together and ignited big idea discussions around the company’s growth and expansion. The exercises were really powerful and helped each member feel more connected to the company as well as build a vision for their personal growth. A great experience!


Eva Leobold

Owner, Blue Moon Yoga Studio

Mary Ottman

Talk Attendee

Kristin Arlius

Consulting Agency Owner, Talk Attendee

Kitty Hilton

Talk Attendee


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